Can’t stop crying

Why do you go? :P

A barely audible wimper escapes the warmth of my longing lips, the taste of your mouth has long gone, leaving only the taunting taste of my tears :P My life is incomplete without you, you’ve taken my heart but kept yours locked away :P
I can’t be fixed :Pxxxxx

Anonymous asked:

You see me and judge me :P I will always hate myself more than you could ever hate me. What is love? to love? I think I’ve forgotten, maybe love isn’t real :P I’d have to say that love is to feel nothing, on or off, pain or nothing, love is sleep, love is death, love is to feel nothing. I need love :Pxxxxxx

Love :P

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Then they die


Entity screams, I wear my cross :P
Motionless corpse <3 kiss of ice x
One emo teen crying on a bridge :’(


I’m an emo poet x
Follow for emo poetry :P

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